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Inflatable Kayaks

Inflatable Kayaks are the way to go

Whatever you do on the water, we've got an  Inflatable Kayak that's perfect for you
With our line of inflatable  kayaks, you'll be able to find the right kayak for:Fishing,Whitewater Kayaking
Montana outdoor store has a broad range of great inflatable kayaks for  ranging from the affordable to a top of the line All of these great kayaks offer  quality and reliability.

For action-packed whitewater paddling, there's nothing like our Explorer Kayaks. Used for river trips around the world,
 this line of inflatable kayaks has the strength for Class 4 rapids and the comfort for long river trips.
are inflatable kayaks are the perfect  for spontaneous weekend trips - they weigh just 26 lbs, fits in a small bag, You picked a really great time to consider buying a inflatable kayak
 Right now we are offering FREE SHIPPING on all are  kayaks